13 Reasons Why

April 28, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Keystone Local Schools would like to make you aware of a trending Netflix series titled 13 Reasons Why.  The series is based on a young adult novel of the same name.  While the book has been highly regarded by teens and educators alike, the series is raising grave concerns amongst educators and mental health professionals.  Although some students may watch the show without any negative impact, other students may be affected a great deal.

13 Reasons Why depicts the fictional story of Hannah Baker, a teen who dies by suicide.  Hannah has left behind 13 cassette recordings for the individuals whom she feels contributed to her early death.  Serious topics are depicted in the tapes, including bullying, teen drinking, social media harassment, and sexual assault.  Unfortunately, many experts in the field of mental health have expressed concerns that the show romanticizes youth suicide and does not discuss mental illness.

If your child is watching the show, we encourage you to start a dialogue with him or her.  You may even choose to watch an episode together.  The following web sites may be helpful to you as you consider these concerns:


A recent blog published by Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus


Provides talking points to use with your child  

As always, our school counselors are available if you would like more information or assistance in this matter.

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