The students and staff of Keystone Middle School take pride in their appearance. Students who feel good about themselves and take pride in their appearance tend to take pride in their learning.  Although we do not have uniforms for school we do insist that our students do not bring undesirable attention to themselves by immodest, un-kept or exaggerated appearances.
Students must be hygienically clean and neat. Clothing should be clean, modest in style and in good repair so not to interfere with the learning process. Shoes must be worn at all times. Clothing which is determined to be detrimental to health and safety or disruptive to the academic atmosphere of the school will not be permitted. Students in physical education and vocational classes may be required by the instructor to temporarily alter such clothing as it might restrict the student from full participation or may be dangerous to the student's safety.
Parents and students should be aware and understand that violations in student dress will result in the student being removed from class and/or asked to change their attire. Class time that is missed will be considered unexcused.
For the purpose of clarification, the following guidelines have been established:
1.   Wearing of hats, bandanas, headbands, or head coverings of any kind will not be permitted unless medically necessary.
2.    Articles of clothing that contain alcohol, drugs, violence or with obscene, suggestive, or questionable  
       printing will not be permitted.
3.    Sunglasses are not to be worn unless prescribed by a physician.
4.    Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be longer than fingertip length.
5.    If tights are worn under skirts or shorts, the shorts and skirt still have to be fingertip length or longer. If  
       tights are worn, they cannot be worn just by themselves.  
6.    Leggings and YOGA Pants are permissible but tops/shirts must be longer than fingertip length.
7.    All dress must be school appropriate, based on the opinion of staff and/or administration.  
8.    School athletic uniforms are not to be worn in class unless it is part of the Team dress for game day or     
       during a designated "Spirit Day".
9.    Students are required to store book bags and coats in lockers during the day.
10.  No Pajamas, sleep wear or slippers are permitted.
11.  No holes in pants above the knee.
12.  All shirts and blouses must cover the entire shoulder and must have a sleeve. Midriffs, backs and chest  
       should be covered and not be visible.
13.  All clothing must cover undergarments. Mesh shirts are permitted if a shirt is worn underneath.
The final determination as to the appropriateness of any article of clothing and the consequence will be left to administration.

1st Offense -     warning and student must correct violation before returning to class
2nd Offense -      detention and student must correct violation before returning to class
3rd Offense -     ISA and student must correct violation
*Any further offenses will be at administrative discretion